Lolita book cover contest

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After perusing Dieter Zimmer’s exhaustive online exhibit, Covering Lolita (see sidebar),  I am disappointed, as interesting as the various depictions of Lolita are, by how very few correspond thematically to the novel. Nabokov’s work is masterful in its clarity and overflows with powerful and finely-wrought imagery and yet so few of the covers attempt to capture any of this richness, and many of them are merely absurd, or banal or a laughable combination of both. There are, as is to be expected, the Balthus and Balthus-like images, not to mention other examples of fine art maidens drafted to portray poor Lolita, and there is of course a panoply of expected lolipops, Sue Lyon -and to a lesser extent Dominique Swain – photos,  body parts (lips, legs, breasts), short white socks, saddle shoes, Mary Janes, short skirts, an endless parade of hairstyles, and the too-old Lolitas and the too-young Lolitas. Then there are the butterflies, and the images of the author, and an entire universe of typefaces.  

So Venus febriculosa is holding a Lolita book cover competition. The winning entry will receive $350. Deadline is October 2. Rules (pdf):

Lolita Book Cover Contest Rules

14 Responses to “Lolita book cover contest”

  1. Chandan Crasta Says:

    This is a rather challenging competition! So i am compelled to have a go at it. Will read and send my entries.

    Please let me know the closing date.

    ~ C

  2. admin Says:

    Click on the link for a pdf of rules here:

  3. Adrijan Says:

    How to enter this competicion? i would love to post my design. where to post. this site is confuzing.

  4. admin Says:

    See pdf of rules here:

  5. chenlin Says:

    Hi, can i know what is the content inside the book?

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  7. admin Says:

    patty, please e-mail me a copy, if you can…

  8. admin Says:

    chenlin, you may just have to read it…

  9. admin Says:

    Star Silver, this is a worldwide contest.

  10. dahuletam Says:

    Good article. Very well written

  11. Adriana Says:

    Good morning, I tried a few minutes ago to sumbit my designs for the Lolita book cover contest to the e-mail address indicated and unfortunately I receive a message “mail quota exceded” for the address. Is there another way to upload the files? Another back-up e-mail address?
    Thank you so much.

  12. admin Says:

    Please try again.

  13. Adriana Says:

    Thank you for the fast reply. Just did so. Hope everything is fine now and good luck to all contest participants.

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