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pic00004I came across the artist Ian Everard whose work, while on the surface perhaps only peripherally related to interests of this blog, really resonated with me.  A painter of found objects, he has created a series of works based upon what might be called “low-brow” book covers, which he reproduces with an extraordinary, almost forensic care so that each dogear, crease and tear of the “original”  is faithfully recreated like the bones of a saint in a replica reliquary.

Everard writes: “It seems to go without saying that no image can be taken at face value, but the process of meticulous copying reveals many layers of unforeseen meaning. Some of my choices, pulp romance novels for instance, might seem to be in bad taste. It is not my aim to satirize bad taste but, rather, to question what it is these artifacts, impeccably designed in their way, truly represent.”

You can view his portfolio here.

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