wioletta lenczowska, winner, cover design contest no. 6

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Perhaps our cover design contest no.6: DSM-5/DSoM at 40, american psychiatric association/pink floyd [2013] was a bit, shall we say, open ended. In any event, there was a record low turnout (fewer than 40 entries!).  Still, if the thirty-odd designs hewed rather closely to relatively predictable images (prisms, rainbows, brains) there were nonetheless among them some well-executed and interesting covers. I especially liked the shattered prism of Moira Perez (Spain) and the light-absorbing prism of Tomasz Florczak (Poland).  Gary Gowans (UK) and Narayana Navarroza (Philippines) both opted for a new, top-down perspective, while the cover of Fionn Byrne (Canada) emphasizes the particular dimensions of diagnostics. Janusz Marciniak (Poland) found inspiration in a rainbow aura. Helena Raczynska-Pachut (Poland) and Przemyslaw Pachut (Poland) rounded out the sequence with their interpretations.  Lastly, I should note that a few people, at least, dispensed with expected themes altogether. I liked the rather clinical covers of  Mia Vucic (Croatia).

Still, it was Wioletta Lenczowska (Poland) whose precise and lovely covers seemed just right.

Row 1:

Moira Perez

Row 2:

Tomasz Florczak

Row 3:

Gary Gowans (l)

Narayana Navarroza (r)

Row 4:

Fionn Byrne (l)

Janusz Marciniak (r)

Row 5:

Helena Raczynska-Pachut (l)

Przemyslaw Pachut (r)

Row 6:

Mia Vucic

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