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samples2Lyuba Haleva, the winner of the Lolita Cover Contest graduated with a degree in Book & Graphic Design from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria and now works as a freelance graphic designer in Sofia (I’ve included a sample of her work).

I asked her to speak a bit about her entry and she eloquently responded:

“Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita is masterpiece of human frailty and inspiration. In my design I attempted to convey the duality of Humbert’s image of perfection. The reality and idealization of his obsession form a pair of wings which take the imagination to soaring heights and abysmal lows. Desire, intellect, sexuality and innocence mix to create an intoxicating cocktail. Love, even in its unorthodox form has the power to elevate and enlighten us.”

Thank you for that, Lyuba! And again, congratulations.

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