All About Vladimir Nabokov in Print, Michael Juliar

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I ran across this most interesting website today, wherein the author, Michael Juliar (author of Vladimir Nabokov: A Descriptive Bibliography) blogs about VN in print:

“This blog is a crossroads where the trivia (in both its original and modern senses) of bibliography, collecting, and commerce will meet. I will post information about my latest bibliographic discoveries, corrections, and additions to the first version of my bibliography. I will answer your questions about Nabokov bibliography. I will ask questions of you when I need help, such as information on a volume that I have not been able to examine. I will point to stores, dealers, and auctions that have Nabokov books you may be looking for. I will have comments about collecting Nabokov in Russian, English, and French and the 41 other languages in which his works have appeared.”

Among his posts are fascinating commentaries on fake inscriptions and foreign translations.

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